Join Mrs. M and her hyper-hairy Bearded Collie Zeke for more than just study techniques. Crafted for 4th to 7th graders, Mrs. M's Study Skills for Middle School promotes not just study skills but important qualities like punctuality, responsibility, and perseverance — key attributes not only in school but in life.

Inside, you'll uncover the secrets to acing tests, presenting standout research papers, taking notes, and understanding what teachers and future bosses are really looking for. Plus, you'll get a handle on grammar basics to help you communicate with confidence.

What sets this book apart is its friendly tone and engaging style. No complicated jargon, just clear, quick advice that makes learning enjoyable. Whether you're homeschooled or in a traditional classroom, this book is here to help you grow, both academically and personally. Discover a new (and not so new) way of approaching your studies—one that sets you up for success in middle school and beyond.


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